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San Antonio, Texas refinance mortgage

Fill out our online mortgage quotes application and receive up to 4 lenders rate quotes. will provide you with competitive refinance mortgage. With many mortgage brokers competing to get you your mortgage quotes we will get you the best San Antonio, Texas refinance mortgage. Need a Bad Credit loan? can help. Need San Antonio, Texas mortgage refinancing, will get you the best refinance mortgage. Use our mortgage calculator to calculate your San Antonio, Texas rates. More San Antonio, Texas information available including San Antonio, Texas weather.

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Today's Mortgage Terms starting with M


The percentage difference between the index for a specific loan and the interest rate charged. This is a number already set by the lender.

Market Value:

The price at which a given property or product is transacted between a willing, unhurried buyer and a seller who know all the pertinent facts about the property.

Mortgage Banker:

A financial institution who directly funds home loans, sells them to investors, arranges monthly payments and handles escrow. Some mortgage bankers sell their loans on the secondary market.

Mortgage Broker:

A broker arranges financing for borrowers with a variety of lenders. A mortgage broker does not make the loan, but receives payments for its services.

Mortgage Insurance:

It is insurance to protect the lender in case you default on your loan. With conventional loans, mortgage insurance is generally not required if you make a down payment of at least 20% of the home's appraised value. It is also known as PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

Mortgage Loan:

A loan for which a specific real estate property serves as collateral to provide for repayment in case of default.

Mortgage Refinance:

A refinanced mortgage is one in which a borrower pays down an old loan with a new loan. People who refinance a mortgage tend do so to get a lower interest rate, lowering their payments or to take cash out of their home equity.


The lender in a mortgage loan relationship. Property is used as collateral to make payment.


The borrower in a mortgage loan relationship. Property is used as collateral to make payment.

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